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A Pair Of Double Glazing Units Before Installation

What Is The Difference Between Single And Double Glazing?

Double glazing is a kind of glass pane that is most commonly used in windows. What makes it special though, is that it is technically two glass panes layered on top of each other with a thin layer of air left between them.

But why make a window this way? What is the difference between this and a single pane of glass?

Read on to find out more about the differences between single and double glazing.

Heat Insulation

A double-glazed window does a better job of keeping the cold out and the heat in than a single pane of glass. When heat travels through a single-glazed window, that heat difference only needs to travel through one surface. That surface gets cold from the outside and leaches heat from the inside to make up for the temperature difference.

A double-glazed window, on the other hand, is very different. Cold first needs to travel through the glass pane on the exterior of the property. Then, that cold needs to radiate out and cool the air resting between the two panes of glass. Then, and only then, can the cold begin affecting the glass resting in the property’s interior. This degree of separation means that it takes much longer for temperatures outside to make their way inside.

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Reducing The Cost Of Heating

Heat insulation is especially useful when it comes to energy bills. As your home retains heat more effectively, it requires less energy to maintain its temperature. This has the knock-on of making a home that spends less money on its energy bills. This is especially useful to all homeowners in the UK who are feeling the effects of the rise in the energy bill price cap.

Double Glazing Offers Sound Insulation

In the same way, it requires more time for heat to penetrate double glazing, the same principle applies to sound. Like heat, sound also has a hard time moving through a pane of glass, a cushion of air, and then another pane of glass.

Consider double glazing if you live in an area that is affected by noise pollution. Whether it’s city traffic or noisy neighbours, you deserve peace of mind and peace and quiet.

Layers Of Glass Panes


Properly installed double glazing can also provide a degree of additional safety.

When a single glazed window breaks, no matter how it happens, the glass will shatter and, most likely scatter everywhere. You will have to deal with these potentially dangerous shards of glass in your home. What’s more, you will be without a window until a glazer can come to your property and install a new one.

Double glazing offers a degree of safety against this. Should the outer layer of glass become damaged or even break, you will still have the inner layer of glass to rely on. This will prevent any shards of glass from the outer layer from entering your home. What’s more, it will still give your home a degree of protection against the elements until a glazer can come and fix a new window.

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Double Glazing Increases Property Value

With all of the advantages listed above, it should come as no surprise that a home fitted with double-glazed windows boosts the value of properties.

Reducing heating bills, noise pollution, and safety concerns will be a major selling point for most potential buyers.

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