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Stairwell With Glass Balustrades

What Do Glass Balustrades Do?

Glass balustrades are an excellent addition to any property. Ultimately, these act just as any material bannisters and they create a barrier to prevent any accidents. You’ll find them on the edge of stairs or perhaps framing a balcony or terrace.

You may be more familiar with the wooden counterpart in your home that is made up of balusters and banisters. A glass balustrade is a must for modern and sophisticated properties. Find out more about these panels below.

Where Do Glass Balustrades Go?

These features don’t have to just be used on staircases. They can make for a beautiful surround for patios, providing an uninterrupted view into a garden whilst also acting as a safety barrier. They are great for balconies, instantly adding a level of sophistication to the outside space. Balustrades can also be used on hot tub surrounds, caravan decking and even rooftops. They can be made to your specification, whether you want a frameless design or even rounded corners. At Armada Glass, we can create both indoor and outdoor structures.

Glass Balustrades In A Shopping Centre

Why Choose Glass?

Glass balustrades offer what other materials cannot, a window-like view inside a property. It gives an uninterrupted sight of many aspects of a home that would otherwise be covered up, opening up the space to feel light and airy. Despite being glass, they undergo special processes so that they are super strong and safe, letting you enjoy them for years to come. Their appearance offers a sleek, modern look that can’t be achieved with other materials.

Frameless Balustrades

Are They Easy To Clean?

Compared to the traditional balusters, these sheets of glass are easy to clean. Wiping down individual, intricate wooden posts can be quite the task. However, with glass balustrades, you can benefit from the ease of wiping down a flat surface.

Glass Balustrades

Are Glass Balustrades Worth It?

These features are definitely worth it. Using 10mm thick glass ensures safety yet offers a sleek look to your property. In particularly, balustrades are great for business spaces. At Armada Glass we can tailor the glass to your specifications. We can sandblast a motif or branding onto the panels to create a more professional environment.

For Quality Balustrades, Contact Armada Glass

Our team can design and supply stunning surrounds to complement both domestic and commercial properties. For a safe yet stylish feature, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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