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What Is CNC Glass Processing?

At Armada Glass & Glazing, we offer CNC glass processing. Our team can work with sheets that have a thickness of between 2mm and 19mm, and are no bigger than 3300mm x 1500mm.

What Is CNC Glass Processing?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, which is the automated control of tools by means of a computer. CNC glass processing works by using advanced machinery to complete modifications. At Armada, we have an Intermac Master One machine that can successfully complete a wide range of operations. The programming is done by our team using a computer, and the machine will get to work.

Cnc Milling 1

What Can It Do?

CNC glass processing involves cut outs, edge work, drilling, milling, cutting and engraving.

  • Cut outs are internal cuttings of a piece of glass.
  • Edge work describes how you would like the edges of a piece of glass finished. Flat, arris or polished edges can be completed using this equipment.
  • Drilling holes in a piece of glass might be required for decorative reasons, or for fixing holes.
  • Milling is cutting down the size of a sheet of glass.
  • Engraving is the process of incising the glass with intricate details.

The glass is placed onto the machine and locked into place whilst the various attachments complete the programmed job.  

Why Choose This Service?

CNC processing allows us to complete work with the utmost precision. Any complex or intricate cuts will be able to be done perfectly. What’s more, it can be finished with speed. Using this machinery allows us to complete work faster than it would be if it were done manually.

Engraving glass with a CNC machine

What Can It Be Used For?

Glass and mirrors alike may need these modifications for a multitude of applications. For kitchen splashbacks, spaces may need to be cut out for sockets or extractor holes. CNC glass processing is useful when it comes to cutting and engraving this delicate material. For example, if you own a business and you want your company information engraved onto glassware, then this machinery is particularly useful for precision.

Contact Us For CNC Glass Processing

For more information about the services that we offer, get in touch with our team today. Our machines can work with both polished and frosted surfaces.

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